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Holiday Tidbits from Dr.Magder & Shelburne Family Chiropractic

Updated: Apr 14, 2020


It’s the most, wonderful time of the year Shelburne, Ontario and Dufferin County! But not all guests this season will be welcome ones. Stress and depression can infiltrate this time of year due to the dizzying array of demands being placed on you and your family. With all of the gift shopping, meal preparing and travel plans that the holiday season requires, it may seem like the only part of you that gets a workout is your heart rate and your credit card! Excess eating, eggnog and a lack of exercise can leave you feeling the opposite of wonderful at this time of year. The holidays should be a joyful time where you get to reconnect with the traditions that make this season so special. Luckily, Shelburne Family Chiropractic is here to provide a few practical tips to help you relax and enjoy the holidays with friends and loved ones.

1) Tell Those Holiday Blues To “Take a Walk”

  • Try and incorporate a brisk 30-minute walk into your daily routine. Walking helps to keep your weight in check as well as strengthen your bones and joints. It also helps to improve your mood and sleep while decreasing anxiety. In fact, 30 minutes of brisk walking after a meal has been proven to decrease blood pressure and triglyceride (fat) levels. Best of all, walking helps you catch up with friends and family while taking advantage of the many trails and beautiful scenery that Dufferin County has to offer.

2) Holiday Calories “DO” Count!

  • Despite some of the jokes your friends tell you about holiday calories not counting, this is absolutely not true! The average person gains about one pound throughout the holiday season, and while that may not appear to be too much, one pound every year can really add up. If you lose control and eat an entire deep n delicious cake to yourself, keep an attitude of forgiveness. Those that display self-compassion after a high calorie setback are much less likely to continue bingeing. Feel free to indulge this holiday season without overindulging.

3) Preventing Santa’s Back Pain

  • There are many reasons why back pain may creep up at this time of year that don’t involve the midsection of old St. Nick. Hoisting gifts into the sleigh is a time when you would be at the highest risk of injuring your back. Make sure to bend at your knees and lift straight up with your legs. Bending and twisting over the gifts while lifting with your back is a surefire way to spend Christmas day doubled over in pain. Protect your back and spine from strain this holiday season so that you and your family enjoy what really matters at this time of year. If you do experience neck, upper or lower back pain during the holiday season, our chiropractic office in Shelburne, Ontario will be open during the holiday break. We also provide mobile chiropractic services where Dr. Magder can provide in-home chiropractic treatment to residents of Shelburne, Orangeville, Dundalk, Stayner, Collingwood, Hockley Valley, and surrounding areas in Ontario. 

4) Perform a Random Act of Kindness

  • It is a fact that performing acts of kindness produces endorphins, the natural painkiller of the brain. Everybody who witnesses the act experiences the positive effects of kindness. This improves mood and increases the likelihood of somebody else “paying it forward”.  Kindness provides happiness and love to those in need and builds positive endorphins for you. Suggestions include volunteering your time at local retirement homes or animal shelters. Not everyone in the community has family and friends to visit for the holiday season, so why not stop by and spend time with someone you know who may be lonely to offer company and holiday cheer.

We at Shelburne Family Chiropractic are confident that if you follow these tips, you will find yourself if great spirits this season, with fewer episodes of discomfort and greater episodes of holiday cheer! We wish only the best of the holiday season to you and your families and look forward to an exciting 2017 in the Shelburne community.

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