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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

"Our feet are a key foundation to our health and every foundation needs good support. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to ​afford the luxury of a good pair of supportive shoes." ~Dr. Richard Magder

Drop Off Location:

Shelburne Family Chiropractic 310 Main Street E, Shelburne *Near funeral home. Look for "Chiropractor" sign *Donation box located within front indoor porch

*Accepting shoes from Nov 1-30th, 2019

Q & As

Why Did We Start #Shoes4Shelburne?

3 years ago when Dr. Magder was drying his shoes in front of the clinic, they were taken and not returned. Yes, he was upset at first but started to think...perhaps that individual was unable to afford a good pair of shoes for him/herself. Thus, he decided to turn a negative experience into something positive and launched the first #Shoes4Shelburne campaign!

How Does It Work?

We are asking the community to donate new or gently used shoes for all genders and ages. Shoes can be dropped of in the box set-up in the outdoor porch at 310 Main Street E, Shelburne at Shelburne Family Chiropractic (near the funeral home). 

What Time Can I Drop Off Shoes & What Dates?

ANYTIME! The donation box is accessible 24/7 within the indoor porch of the clinic. The collection campaign runs from November 1st to November 30th, 2019. 

Do You Accept All Shoes?

We are looking for shoes that generally have good support which provides a strong foundation for overall health. Therefore, we will not be accepting shoes with no treads, heels, thin flats/sandals with no support, or shoes that are in rough shape (holes, rips, etc.). 

Where Do The Shoes Go?

Through our partnership with the Shelburne Christmas Hamper program and Choices Youth Shelter, we distribute the collected shoes to those who are unable to purchase shoes for themselves and family members within Shelburne and Dufferin County. 

How Many Shoes Have You Collected?

We have collected over 700 pairs of shoes in the past 2 years! 

Are You Able To Come To Me To Pick-Up Shoes?

Unfortunately due to time constraints and logistical challenges, we are unable to come to you to pick-up shoes wishing to be donated. 

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