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Welcome to Shelburne Naturopathic Doctor Nicole Roberts


Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole Roberts, ND!

I was first introduced to naturopathic medicine many years ago as a sick teenager. My experience with my naturopathic doctor changed my life; I met a medical professional that listened me, looked for the root cause of my illness and taught me how to take charge of my own health. It is now my life’s work to heal others with naturopathic medicine and to pass along the knowledge that each of us can gain the confidence to take back control over our health and our quality of life.

My promise to you and the community of Shelburne, Ontario: 

1. I will help facilitate connections and work with other healthcare professionals that you see, including your family doctor, so your health is supported by a team that works for you. 

2. I will develop a naturopathic evidence-based treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs. This plan will evolve and change with you.

3. I will listen to you. 

4. I will educate you about your health and include you in your healthcare decisions.

5. I will never stop learning, updating my knowledge base and my skills, so that you get the best care I can give you. 

Soon after I began practicing, I realized 5 things:

1. We all need an open relationship with our medical providers that is built on mutual respect, empathic listening and regular communication. 

2. Healing chronic disease and long standing symptoms involves first understanding and then treating the biochemical roots of dis-ease in the body. Overall health is a totality of healthy foundations built in the gut, immune system and brain. 

3.The simpler the treatment, the better.

4. Educating people about how we are going to heal their body & mind together ensures we are both working on the same page and gets bigger results, faster. 

5. Most of us are not aware of how effective and life changing the above 4 principles can be when it comes to changing the way we life and optimizing the way we feel.

I don't believe "you just need to live with it". I will work with you to optimize the way your brain works and the way your body feels. 

Shelburne, I look forward to meeting you and becoming more involved within the community!

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