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Muscle Release Therapy + Evidence Based Treatment

Owner Dr. Richard Magder and his team of chiropractors are certified and educated in treating patients of all ages including infants, seniors, prenatal, postnatal and athletes.

While chiropractors are well known to specialize in the treatment of conditions affecting the spine, our team is also experienced at treating other musculoskeletal conditions.


The following is a number of muscle, joint, and nerve related conditions Shelburne Family Chiropractic can help you with:

● Back Pain ● Neck Pain

● Sciatic / Sciatica Pain  

● Disc Herniation 

● Chronic Earaches 

● Vertigo 

● Tinnutis

● Osteoarthritis 

● Headaches

● Plantar Fasciitis 

● Repetitive Strain Injuries 

● Tennis/ Golfer’s Elbow 

● Concussions

● Temporomandibular Disorder 

● Whiplash

● Hip and Knee Pain 

Chiropractic care has also been proven to be beneficial to patients with:

● Prehabilitation or rehabilitation after injuries or surgery

● Easing pregnancy related back, neck or other joint pain

● Increasing mobility to stiff joints

● Restoring mobility to arthritic joints

● Migraines and other headaches

● Concussion Management and return to activity protocols

 ◇ Our team utilizes a variety of treatment approaches to provide a comprehensive strategy to injury management:

● Manual Therapy

● Joint manipulation & mobilization 

● Shockwave Therapy 

● Webster Technique (Pregnancy)

● Acupuncture 

●Myofascial & Muscle Release Therapy

● Modalities 

● Nutritional counselling

● Kinesiology Taping 

● Customized Orthotics fitting

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