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  • Does Your Clinic Provide Direct Billing?
    In order to make it easier for patients, our clinic offers direct billing to your insurance plan. While the majority of plans do allow billing, not all plans allow clinics to bill their insurance plans. This could be based on different factors, such as the agreement between the employer, the insurance company, and the coverage chosen by the employee. Patients are expected to be prepared to pay the full price of their treatment or any remaining balances IF their plan does not allow the clinic to directly bill OR if there is a % not covered. If you are unsure of your coverage, please contact the clinic to check your policy today.
  • Do You Provide Treatment For Prenatal, Infants, and Children?"
    Yes! Our clinic does provide treament for patients of all ages and prenatal care. In fact, most of our practitioners have additional certification and training for these groups, such as Webster Technique for prenatal patients.
  • Where Are You Located and Where Can I Park?
    We are located at 310 Main Street E in Shelburne, Ontario. The clinic is two doors west of the funeral home, on the same side, if you're heading towards downtown Shelburne. It's a yellow brick house with a red door. You may park on the street in front of the clinic. If you do not wish to park in front of the clinic, we have additional parking spaces behind the building. To access, turn onto James Street and make an additional turn onto the dirt alley way. We are a couples homes down with signs that state "Shelburne Family Chiropractic Parking Only". Please park and enter the backyard and follow the signs and path to the front of the clinic for access.
  • What Is The Cost For Treatment?
    We have several different services, ranging from Chiropractic treatment, injection therapy, custom orthotics, and more. Each form of treatment has its own cost. Thus, it is best to call our clinic directly to ask the cost of a specific form of treatment. Please note though, our clinic does seem to have the most affordable rates when compared to other clinics in Shelburne, Orangeville, and other surrounding areas.
  • What Are All The Services You Provide?
    Our clinic provides the following services: Chiropractic Muscle Release Therapy Webster Technique (Prenatal) Shockwave Therapy Acupuncture Cupping Registered Massage Therapy Lymphatic Drainaige Concussion Management Baseline Concussion Testing Manual Osteopathy Cranial Sacral Custom Orthotics Custom Compression Socks Naturopathic Doctor Food Sensitivity Testing Allergy Testing LifeLabs Bloodwork Injection Therapy (B12, Folate, Magnesium + More) Nutritional Counselling AND MORE!
  • Do I Require A Referral From A Medical Doctor For Treatment?
    No, you do not require a medical doctor for treatment. For massage therapy, some insurance companies do require a note from a medical doctor in order for you to get reimbursed for the treatment. This does not mean though that you require a note from your doctor to get treatment. Insurance companies DO NOT require a doctors note for Chiropractic, Naturopathy, and Manual Osteopathy and their aplicable modalities (ie. acupuncture, cupping, Shockwave Therapy, etc.)
  • Can You Work With My Medical Doctor For My Treatment Plan?
    Absolutly! With your consent, we encourage collaborative care with your other health providers. Our #1 goal is having you feel better, as soon as possible, and the best way to do this is through a collaborative treatment plan with your family MD and other therapists.
  • Are You Open Evenings & Weekends?
    Yes, our clinic is available from 7am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 2pm on Saturday.
  • For Chiropractic Care, Do You Do Manual Adjustment Or Activator?"
    All of our chiropractors are trained in manual adjustment and activator. The chiropractor will treat to your preference. If you prefer manual adjustment, our chiropractor will treat utilzing manual adjusting. If you prefer the activator tool vs. manual adjusting, our chiropractor will treat you with the activator. We want to ensure your treatment is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible!
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