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Sticking With Your New Year’s Resolution


Remember back a few weeks ago when, like millions of Canadians, you likely resolved to create a substantial and lasting change in your life? For many of us, the first week of January brings anticipation and excitement that the coming year will bring about positive change for you and your family. Almost assuredly, one of your resolutions for the up-coming year was to be healthier than you were last year. After all, what better time to implement change than the start of a new calendar year? Unfortunately, the majority of resolutions fall by the wayside by the end of January and negative feelings can set in. Luckily, Shelburne Family Chiropractic in Shelburne, Ontario is here to provide some helpful tips that will keep you on-course to maintaining your new year’s resolution into the second month of the year, and feeling satisfied with yourself come time to make your next new years resolution. Write Down Your Goal

  • One thing that I always made sure to do before the beginning of every school year was to write down my goals for the upcoming year and place them in a spot that I was sure to see every morning. I would have a list beside my desk of what needed to be done daily to make my dream a reality, and it would be difficult to put my head down at night if I hadn’t checked off those chores. The same should be done for your new year’s resolution. Seeing your resolution in ink can have a tremendous impact on your commitment to sticking with it.

Make One Change At A Time

  • A surefire way to break down and ruin your new year’s resolution is to make to many of them! Moving in baby steps is easier than trying to change your life in one fell swoop and makes it much easier to attain your goal. Even a simple task like signing up for a gym membership may take time to work up the courage to perform. Focus on achieving your first goal before you move onto the next item on your list.

Talk About Your Goal

  • Make sure to inform a supportive close friend or family member of your resolution to change your self and improve your health. This is another way to increase your own accountability, and who knows? You may find a partner in your quest for self-improvement to motivate each other.

Reward Yourself At Each Milestone

  • If you’re sticking to your resolution and cross an important milestone, it’s important to celebrate your achievement. Of course, be conscious of the rewards you choose. For instance, if your resolution is to be healthier, treat yourself to a massage rather than that Big Mac combo at the end of a successful week!

Have a Coping Strategy in Place to Deal with Obstacles

  • Despite your best intentions, it’s natural to hit a few roadblocks on the way to self-improvement. If your goal is to lose weight or limit alcohol consumption, you may consider missing an event where you know unhealthy food and drink will be in abundance.

Striving for self-improvement requires a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix. Don’t be like the 70% of the population who can’t make their resolutions last more than one month. Follow these tips to make a successful and lasting change in your life!

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